Freehold Radiology Group has been serving the greater Freehold area with quality and professional care for over 25 years. As hospital-based physicians, we have been responsible for introducing new technology to the Freehold area. We offer the latest technology in CT Scanning with our New Philips Briliance 64 Slice Scanner. Our State of the Art 64 Slice CT Scanner offers a wide range of routine and advanced procedures, including cardiovascular, oncology, pulmonary, neurology, stroke assessment, and orthopedics. We are proud to offer Nuclear Medicine, as well as Dual Isotope Myocardial Perfusion Studies in both our private office and hospital practice. We value the importance of CentraState as our community hospital and have always partnered with the hospital to serve the best interest of the community. As members of the community, the physicians have assumed a leadership role in establishing quality assurance and radiation safety programs. We are proud to have opened the first free standing imaging centers to offer CT, MRI, and PET/CT Scanning services in the community.


Freehold Radiology Group
Freehold MR Associates
901 West Main Street
Freehold, N.J.
Ph: 732-462-4844
Fax: 732-462-9482
(Ground Floor of Medical Arts Building)

Freehold Radiology Group North
Freehold MR Associates
176 Route 9 North
Marlboro, N.J.
Ph: 732-577-2750
Fax: 732-536-0805
(Northpoint Professional Building)

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Freehold Area Radiology, Freehold Radiology Group and Freehold MR Associates are dedicated to meeting and maintaining high ethical and professional standards and do so through compliance with all applicable federal and state laws in the operation of our practice.